JRAZZ Welcome Blog Post!

Hello. Welcome to JRAZZ Blog! This blog is for fitness lovers, moms on the go, active women, and anybody who has an interest in a healthier lifestyle. My name is Jasmine Rasco, and I am the founder of Crown With A Purpose, LLC Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle blog. Over the summer we launched JRAZZ COLLECTION. An online boutique selling women's activewear & more. My mission is to empower women on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. We know at times life can become off balance, but the goal is to come together in a community and share healthy tips to promote a healthier lifestyle. I look forward to connecting with millions of women throughout our adventures. If you are a blogger, please share your website with us! Let's stay in touch on social media @jrazzcollection!

- Jasmine Rasco

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