From Gym to Street: 5 Ways To Go From Gym To Streetwear.

5 ways to go from gym to streetwear.

We are all aware of the athleisure trend by now. It's no secret how one day we decided to trade in our jeans for yoga pants. Let's hope this trend doesn't fall off anytime soon because we already threw away our jeans. No...really who buys jeans these days anyway?

Kicking off our favorite time of the year Fall, we bring to you From Gym to Street: 5 Ways To Go From Gym To Streetwear. 


You can never have too many pairs of black yoga leggings. I like anything that has mesh details for style. If you are in search for a staple pair of black leggings, try our "Blaire" Black Mesh Leggings. Did we mention they have pockets to fit your cell phone, keys, ( the cute guy at the gym number), and other miscellaneous items?


It's time to try something new. Add a statement pair of leggings to your collection. I love fun trendy prints. You can always mix and match solids with prints. We love this style "Energy Flow" sports bra & "Energy Flow" leggings. You can wear it as a set or swap out the print top for a solid black sports bra like this one "Dash" black sports bra.


Adding layers to get more use out of your look is an excellent idea!
We recommend our best seller "Eve" crop hoodies. They are a must-have for fall. Perfect for those days when you have to run errands right after working out or before.

4. Accessorize

We know looking cool after a kick-ass workout is important. After all, rocking a pair of our Perverse sunnies will set you apart from the rest! I think I own 122324374327432 pairs of sunglasses and these are my favorite "Ace" sunnies. (Hint* May cause a lot of attention leaving the gym)


I am a sucker for buying a pair of sneakers to match my gym outfit. Who else is guilty? .... I think a black pair and a color that is VIBRANT will put you in the mood to workout.

So now that we got the gist of what to wear to the gym and how we can layer it to wear outside the gym, what are you waiting for, Let's go shopping!!! (Use my code: FALL25 for 25% TODAY ONLY)

Comment below some of your Fall favorites :)

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