Inspiring Women on International Women's Day


March 8 is International Women’s Day.  To mark the day, I decided to make a list of five women who have made an impact on my life—women who have made me a better person. 


Here are my “Fab Five:”


First up, Dr. Barbara King, founder of Hillside International Truth Center and my spiritual teacher and guide.  Dr. King’s wisdom is an essential part of my life, work, and outlook. 


Second, Sabrina Peterson, the founder of Glam University and online business coach par excellence.  Sabrina’s insight and vision motivate me toward success every time I encounter her.  Sabrina, you may not know me, but you have made a huge contribution to the look, feel, and consumer appeal of the JRAZZ Collection.


Third on the list is someone who talks about her own life in a way that makes me believe I can do it—Lisa Nichols, the single mom who built herself into an inspiration to anyone with a dream.  Lisa taught me to “pay myself first” and invest in my dream.  Her legacy will be helping so many others succeed. 


Closer to home and a new role model is Umama at  Umama believes in empowering other women, and she has proven herself an effective partner and high-impact connector.  Umama’s convening power and magnetic enthusiasm make her a sure thing for my list of fantastic women.


My list would not be complete without my best friend, Briana Jones.  Briana is a successful entrepreneur in her own right, as seen on her site,  She is my go-to makeup artist for JRAZZ Collection shoots as well as personal appearances.  But, more than that, Briana is someone I can count on no matter what.  We all need a friend, and I am blessed that I can count Briana as mine.



No matter how you mark International Women’s Day, I hope you agree that when women help other women, the world is a better place.  Maybe you will make your own “fab five” list; whatever you do, it’s a great time to say, “thank you” to those who have helped you live your dreams.

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