Top 5 Q/A with Fitness Guru Stephanie Twum

Get to know FITNESS GURU Stephanie Twum as we recently interview her for our first JRAZZ Blog post.

1. How did you start your fitness journey? My fitness journey began my sophomore year of college. I have always been fairly active, but my dedication was seasonal. I would stay focused for some time, and then completely forgot my goals. My diet was terrible. I was consuming a lot of processed foods, so even when I was exercising, I still did not feel as energized or satisfied with my body. Towards the end of my sophomore year, I decided to look into a weight lifting regime with my guy friends. I have so many of them to thank.Because of their coaching, I am very disciplined. As soon as my mom joined Weight Watchers, as a family, we finally discovered the importance of eating healthfully. Fitness is a group effort- it can be hard to do it alone. I believe that it is important to build a team and surround yourself with those who wholeheartedly support your journey.

2. What is your favorite workout? Why? (yoga, cardio, lift weights, kickboxing) It is a tie between lifting and HIIT programs such as boot camp, Insanity, etc. I love to lift because I feel like a warrior princess. Nothing feels as good as walking into a weight room, and knowing exactly what to do. Weight lifting can sculpt the human body in such incredible ways. I enjoy HIIT because feeling an immense amount of sweat, with my heart racing, and feeling like I want to die is actually pretty thrilling for me, haha! I love a good challenge, so tough workouts make me feel like I accomplished something.

3. How do you start your day? I start my day with a workout, hands down, Fitness is my way of life. My alarm goes off, I'm up, take my supplements, and then it's time to work. I have a tight schedule, but I make fitness a top priority. We only live life once.

4. What motivational tips would you give someone who is looking to change their lifestyle? Write down small, realistic, goals for yourself and stick to them. Find a program that best suits your workout style and schedule, and do not do not, DO NOT compare your body or your skills to anybody else's. Embrace what you have already- the gym is just the place to enhance what you have. Tell yourself that you can do it, and that you are more than capable of achieving your goals. Set days and times for your health and do not back out. No one can change your lifestyle for you, but yourself. Stay positive. Quit the negative talk. It will hold you back. Create a killer playlist, purchase some good headphones, and take care of business. Invest into good quality active wear that will help you feel fit and powerful. I find that constantly announcing my workouts and checking into the gym on social media, actually holds myself accountable. On days that I feel like skipping, I say to myself, "Dang, I already told Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat that I'm working out today. I have to do it!" When it comes to diet, eat healthfully, but allow yourself to have a cookie or some chips if you have a craving. Portion control your favorite foods, that way you will not feel guilty for eating something that you enjoy. Don't be afraid of the bad days, because they will come. All that matters is that you keep trying. Do not be afraid to push yourself, ask for help, and keep going.

5. What's new for 2017? I am currently in the works of creating my own Youtube channel and brand for health and fitness. It is my dream to become the African Julian Micheals by the time I'm 30. I feel that it is my calling to help, guide, and motivate others to feel better about their bodies. Life is short. We have to take care of ourselves.

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March 23, 2017 at 16:49

Love love this post! I love the point about not depriving yourself of your favorite foods! I also loved how she used the motto “you only live once” in Regards to working out, many don’t link working out to being exciting but this article just made it seem super hype haha!

January 13, 2017 at 10:13

Reading this made me walk away feeling that I knew you. Good, informative and inspiring! Best wishes in 2017

January 09, 2017 at 22:48

Really liked the answer to #4. When I added hot power yoga to my fitness routine, I was already in the best shape of my life. You know how us machismo males are, don’t you? It was aggravating to see most of the women in class do things I couldn’t. My instructor told me it is “only you on your mat and nobody else”. It was easy to achieve my goals after that, because my focus came back where it should have been the whole time—me.

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